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Weddings at St. Mic's

A wedding is one of life’s great moments, a time for good wishes, partying and joy. Yet, marriage is also a serious undertaking based upon a solemn, public and life long covenant between a man and a woman. As such it is to be entered into thoughtfully and prayerfully before God.

For these reasons all couples coming for marriage at St. Mic’s must commit to pre-marriage preparation. We use an adapted version of Prepare Enrich for this though we are open using other material.

Since our tikanga is Anglican, we use the Prayer Book as the basis of our wedding ceremonies. It is the St. Michael’s Vicar or another Anglican priest who takes the service as they represent the wider church.

We see our church building as a consecrated space where the local faith community gathers to pray and worship together. The wedding service is one aspect of this.

In line with the policy of our wider church, we do not hire our church as a venue. At least one of the couple should have a tangible connection with St. Mic’s. If this connection is from the past you may wish to renew it.

There is no fee for the service or the Vicar’s time though all donations are gratefully received. There is a fee for the organist and Verger.

If you are in doubt about being married at St. Mic’s, feel free to email the Vicar to discuss things further.