… that’s why we do stuff that serves our community in different ways. It is also why we support organisations and people around the globe who are doing the same. We encourage all our parishioners to take the good news about Jesus into their everyday lives - telling of God's reconciling love and working for God’s justice however they can. Have a browse through just some of our activities. Maybe you could become involved. Maybe there is something you are interested in starting up. Let us know.
“The Church is the only cooperative society in the world that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members.” Archbishop William Temple
At St. Mic’s, we want as church to be very much part of our community. We also see ourselves as citizens not just of our city and nation, but of God's world… (more)

MiKel News

Our parish broadsheet, MiKel News goes out to around 1200 homes, plus around 100 individuals and other outlets. Each issue is a combo of news, adverts and something to challenge. We have a few issues available here, which tell you a lot about our community and who we are.

We're always looking for stories and we're especially looking for someone to put issues together. Have a read and if you're inspired connect with St Mic's people.