Sunday School 

St Mic's has a growing ministry among toddlers and children. In addition to special programmes, the Sunday School meets every Sunday during the 10am service. Lessons, music and activities follow the church year and parallel the Gospel talks at the weekly services.

Parent involvement is encouraged. Once a month (usually on the third Sunday), children stay in church for a more informal family orientated service. Connect with St Mic's people to find out more.

What's the Story? About our Sunday School programme...

What's the story? is our special Sunday School programme geared to children up to five years (older children meet seperately). What's the story? is based upon elements of the Montessori method and has been primarily developed by Jerome Berryman. You can find a good overview in the book Young Children in Worship, by Jerome Berryman and Sonja M. Stewart (this book is also used to begin the classes). There are several key elements to What's the story?

  • An emphasis on the telling of Biblical stories, using three-dimensional figures and materials, in a way that is engaging and memorable for the children.
  • Carefully worded questions to encourage even very young children in thoughtful responses.
  • Options for the creative response of the child at every lesson: re-telling the story themselves, drawing, playing with carefully chosen materials and other craft activities.
  • An emphasis on having a respectful, ordered classroom, leaving room for everyone to participate; the belief that every child has something to contribute.
  • An emphasis on the Church Year and the weekly use of brief liturgical phrases for the children to learn along with a weekly song.
  • Encouraging parents and other interested church members to be involved in the teaching.

What's the story? is best suited to children aged 2 - 5. Younger children from about 18 months can attend with a parent if the parent feels that the child will be able to give attention.