‘A Christianity in which there is only God the Father, but not Christ as a living Son actually cancels discipleship. In that case there will be trust in God, but not discipleship … Discipleship is a commitment to following Christ. Because Christ exists, he must be followed. An idea about Christ, a doctrinal system, a general religious recognition of grace or forgiveness of sins does not require discipleship. In truth, it even excludes discipleship; it is inimical to it. One enters into a relationship with an idea by way of knowledge, enthusiasm, perhaps even by carrying it out, but it is by personal obedient discipleship [that we enter into a relationship with the living Jesus].’
  From The Cost of Discipleship, p.59
‘Christianity without the living Jesus Christ remains necessarily a Christianity without discipleship; and a Christianity without discipleship is always just an idea, a myth.’ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
On following the living Jesus, Bonhoeffer also wrote...


A group of people within St. Mic's have covenanted themselves to keep four basic disciplines – prayer, reading scripture, service, evangelism and openness to God – as a way of helping to renew the common life of the parish and underpin its missional goals. Mutual accountability, encouragement and support are of the essence to Covenanters. Anyone is free to join this band of diciples. 

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