According to Romans 12:1-2 worship is about offering up the whole of our lives to God. The language here is about temple sacrifice but Paul locates our ‘true spiritual worship’, outside the temple in everyday life.

So what are we doing each Sunday when we assemble together? Why is it important? One writer has summed it up as ‘parable and encounter’ — re-telling the story and meeting God together... Why not come to one of our services and find out for yourself?
What a strange thing worship is when you think about it — people standing up and sitting down, throwing their arms around, saying things together, listening, singing, shaking hands, drinking wine, eating bread … (more)
Our worship reflects the "mixed economy" of our parish — the diversity of where we live and who we are. Read about our services below and come see if one fits with you...

Substance – 5.30pm

Substance is the St Michael's Student Service. 

It's presently on hold, while our leadership discern the future.

We are trusting God for appropriate ways to take our student ministry forward.  At St Mike's, there's a rich history of asking hard faith questions, but asking them from a rock solid faith in Christ and a total openness to the Holy Spirit.  We reckon that's what students need to sustain faith in the craziness of 21st Century life, and to form them for the future generation leadership of our society. And you don't have to be a student to attend - everyone is welcome.










Go to Te Kupenga for more on Substance and updates on our wider ministry.