Library Catalogue 

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Our library is being added to all the time and is available for all
St Mic's parishoners after the service.

Our collection's focus is on theology, scripture and what it means to follow Jesus in all areas of our life.

Email Frith if you have any
questions about access or suggestions for new acquisations.


Rules of the Library

When you take out a book/CD:

  • take the index card out of the book/CD i.e. the card in the envelope glued to the inside cover or front of book/CD

  • write your name and date on the index card and

  • leave the card in the box on the bookshelf labelled ‘Library Loans’. 

When you return a book/CD:

  • take the index card out of the ‘Library Loans’ box

  • cross your name off the card

  • put the card back in the book and

  • put the book back on the bookcase unit.

It’s as simple as that.





The guy on the left forgot to return his book
and this is what happened to him! The guy
on the right is St Jerome (c 347–420), the
patron saint of libraries, translators and
encyclopaedists. He was a bit of a polymath
being, among other things, a priest, hermit,
confessor, theologian, writer and translator.
He will be keeping an eye on you…